Sep 5, 2009

Belly Good, "Porks lovers paradise"

We planned to go Full House @ NXZ, but we lost.
So turn here and there, and there and here again...
Finally, we found the way back to the high way.
And turn back to Bandar Sunway.
After the whole hour driving here and there without lunch,
we went to Belly Good.
"A porks lovers paradise"

The address and the reservation email and number.
Like the design of the logo, 2 mini cute piggy <3
And this two very kacau panda just want to kacau us.
Sageh : Pose d, take photo lahhhh, tupid people...
Mini : Ooi.. fast la, my nose got a yellow thingy..
Nice environment, cozy and nice lighting.
Those painting hanging on the wall are actually for sale too.
Once reading the menu, my stomach can't stop dancing d.
From our seat, we can also see the cakes, yummy i guess....

Pulled Pork Burger (RM 12.90)
Braised and roasted pork, pulled by hand and serve with burger bun + fries and crunchy onion.
I was going to pick out the onions in the burger, when Reuben forced me to swallow them. Reluctantly, I took a bite with onions, then I took another gulp and then another til the burger vanished. It was like.. Wow, yummy!!
Grilled Pork Belly with honey mustard sauce (RM21.90)
The gravy is better than KFC's whipped potato, but the mashed is not very mash.
The belly is a bit too oily, but overall not bad.
Reuben said a bit like eating "Char Siew"
Me drinking the freshly squeezed orange juice.
Really fresh...
But a bit too small with the price(RM8.50).
Grilled Pork Chorizo (RM19.70)
We didn't have our lunch today, so we really need more food to fill the stomach.
So we ordered one last dish - Grilled Pork Chorizo
2 pork chorizo sausages grilled with fries, salad and thai chilli sauce.
It doesn't taste like your everyday Ayamas sausages, and not because I'm being bias as it's pork, it tastes like handmade gigantic mama's kitchen meat bread.

Rating: 9 out of 10 stars
Name: Belly Good "Porks lovers paradise"
Location: located @ Sunway Menteri
Cuisine: Western
Non-Halal: Non-Halal
Website :



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